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Active Listening Course

Active Listening Course

Active Listening Course 150 150 cci

What is Active listening?

Active listening is a skill that you use when talking with someone. It’s a skill that allows you to help the person come to their own conclusions without influence. When you practice this listening technique you find you repeat what the other person is saying often or use words like

Active Listening with Consent Culture Initiative

“what I am hearing is..”

In this course you will learn about active listening and how to use it in your work or everyday life. This course is meant to compliment our Bystander Training Course and is focused on this technique only. A very interactive course to help you learn the critical thinking skills needed to asses any situation you’re in.  Writing prompts help get the mind flowing while our survey’s allow us to assess data. Using this data helps us update our courses so it is always up to date! Please be sure to visit our Consent Classroom to get an idea of all the different courses and services we offer.

You can practice active listening whenever someone has an issue or challenge they are trying to work through. Although we often want to give our perspective, and it is valuable, we need to think before we offer any advice at all in some context. This course covers active listening in the context of active bystanders, our pillar program, and consent violations. These include situations that occur at your event, festival, organization, etc.  where you need to get as much information as possible to help in the situation. We will go over scenarios in which giving advice can be substituted with giving resources and the power of just listening.