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AERP and requesting a Match Report

AERP and requesting a Match Report

AERP and requesting a Match Report 150 150 cci

** We are no longer offering this service Match Reports are no longer available .-Feb 2021

Match Report Requests

AERP Reports are different, Match Reports are free. They need to send required documents before receiving a Match Report. CCI will only send a Match Report to events, communities, and organizations for free.  In order to receive a Match Report CCI needs the following documentation

  • Complete list of Administrators (authority positions within the organization)
  • Complete list of employees (this includes instructors, entertainment, Etc.)
  • Complete list of any third parties who contribute to the event or organization.

After we receive the above documentation we run their completed lists into our database and only give a Match report back. A Match Report will show any names on their completed lists to reports we have inventoried. We will never send a “Complete list” or “Black list”.  We take Match Reports Requests through email consentcultureinitiative@gmail.com Subject should be Match Report Request. To use our reporting service go here

The Risk Gradients are categorized as follows




The organization is responsible for the actions set there after. In the case of an emergency where violent assaults have already occurred CCI will reach out to any organizations who are currently engaged with us or who use our AERP. If a location of said perpetrator is known we will reach out to organizations in that area through our C.A.Ts network. 

Risk Gradient

  • Yellow– this person has one report against them in a non-violent consent violation
  • Orange– this person has one or more reports against them, violent or non violent. This person may have coerced, manipulated, or blackmailed a community member and is a threat to people around them. 
  • Red– this person has 5 or more reports against them and/or is considered dangerous to others and the community. This person is violent and has a pattern of causing harm without working towards restoration or accountability process. This person has used violence, force, manipulation, and/or blackmail against another human being. 

AERP (Administrator Employee Risk Projection) report

A donation based service (minimum of $200 /year) where CCI will be that organization’s reporting hub. Taking reports for them and sending a review each quarter using their updated Match Report. This can be region, community involvement, and other relevant info. We will never give identifying factors without the reporter/survivor’s consent, we will never give a “blacklist”. Helping keep that community safe and accountable AERP members receive all the perks of a Match Report but also receive additional support. AERP members receive a discount on consultations regarding investigation.  Donations help CCI continue to offer the Match Report for free and all donors will be added to our sponsors page.
Membership overview

  • Simultaneous Match Reports
  • Featured on our Report form (for up to date Match Reports in your community)
  • X consultations per year depending on Donation
  • Featured on our Sponsors page
  • AERP Annual Membership card!

AERP Consent Reporting