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Consent for Universities

Consent for Universities

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Consent Culture for Universities, how to start!

Consent for Universities!

So you want to start a consent committee at your school but are unsure how to go about it. Or you are a faculty member that wants to be better equip to support your students in Consent Culture for Universities. You are in luck! We offer a lecture that is interactive and solution oriented so you can start implementing Consent Culture in your community.

We start off talking about what consent it, some key terms, and dive into some examples with interactive writing prompts. Our “Active listening” is a course we will go over to give everyone a better understanding of how to listen and not respond in an emotional way. Continuing with a forum, gathering information from those in attendance, and form solution oriented thinking to solve their issues, together.
We have other trainings that can be bundled together for a 2 or 3 day intensive. All hands on trainings and lectures that will inspire your staff and students alike.
There are a few other aspects to this in person interactive lecture but are also offering this over zoom as a digital alternative.
If you want to have this at your University please reach out to us on info@consentcultureinitiative.com