• If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911


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We are a AFAB owned and operated, survivor-led, grassroots sexual violence prevention initiative. We have been in operation since 2015 within the music and educational festival scenes, but are eager to bring what we’ve learned to new communities and groups of people.

We are manual therapists, LCSW(s), sociologists, Social Workers, students, survivors, project managers, festival producers, sisters, aunts and allies. We’re honored to be considered peers of many coalitions against sexual assault as well as non-governmental organizations nationally and globally. Our training(s) and educational materials are peer-reviewed and effective practice meant to be mobilized in communities and captive audiences.

We believe everyone should have the same knowledge base regarding consent culture, so that holding each other accountable is ethic and possible. We are firmly against carceral frameworks and while we have adopted similar functionality in the past, we have seen the destructive impact to our mission.

We know through felt and lived experiences as well as statistical analysis that preventing harm STARTS with believing survivors, recognizing hurt people hurt people, and changing norms so we can come back to the humanity and dignity of each person with compassion. We are honored and privileged to support communities and individuals in creating themselves as safer, braver, more equipped allys.

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