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Fitness Resource

Fitness Resource

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Free Online Fitness Resource

Fitness is essential to mental and physical health. So why isn’t it accessible? Why isn’t this taught more in schools or sports? While I can’t answer that question one this is clear, we need a resource that will educate and provide exercises for a solid foundation. Well, I think I found that! This is just a quick blog post to showcase this website


free fitness resource

We would love to hear from you about this site! Did it work for you? How long have you been using it? Do you also incorporate a personal trainer with your routine?

As someone who has been in and out of my fitness journey for years now this website has been a great resource in maintaining my workouts. I even went as far as to get my personal training cert from NASM last year only to find out that I still required resources when it came to myself. Doing the same thing gets boring. Your body gets used to it and it’s always important to challenge yourself. This website makes it possible and has a wonderful message. An accessible fitness resource of education for everyone. While some may need someone to ensure they are performing the exercises correctly others may not need that. This gives everyone a fair starting point and I am excited to see all it has to offer!

-Ashley Stafford