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Consent Volunteer Position

Thank you so much for your interest in the consent volunteer position & working with Consent Culture Initiative! The form below is the best way to start the process of working with us. As we start to focus in on aspects of CCI we will need more help in various areas and are thrilled you want to be a part of that! Please allow ample time for a response. It’s just the core two of us answering emails and going through forms so it may take a bit of time before you hear back.

Although the majority of our peer review team has a degree relevant in the field we value experience over academic credentials due to the nature of the work. Please don’t let a lack of degree discourage you from working with us or applying for that other job.

Summer time is the busy season for us as we offer forums, onsite trainings, and more to festivals and events. If you are considering a specific role with us, have certain times you are able to donate your time please let us know if the form. Since this is a consent volunteer position we want to make sure we know what you can commit to and you don’t over work yourself! Be sure to view our services and courses to see how we can better serve your community.

To support us you have a look at our patreon or consider making a donation We also have an online store where you can rep consent and look good!