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Thank you visiting our Consent Blog! This is where we post any news regarding consent, CCI, and beyond. We try to find and publish resources as often as possible and encourage you to send us any resources. you believe will help others. We often need resources for the following:

Affordable housing, Child Care, Health Care, Transportation Services, Active Recovery Resources, Resources for men, & more

As we continue to expand it gets harder and harder to maintain this at the level we feel it deserves and are currently seeking guest bloggers that align with our values and share our vision.  If you have an article that you think aligns with our values, is not based in a carceral mindset please let us know.


Joe Graff Update 150 150 cci

Joe Graff Update

Update on Joe Graff   It has been quite some time since we contributed to our digital presence for many reasons, but this instance is one in which our action is necessary.  We want to add some color and context to what has been, to this point, understood as Joe resigning from his role at CCI-…

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Fitness Resource 150 150 cci

Fitness Resource

Free Online Fitness Resource Fitness is essential to mental and physical health. So why isn’t it accessible? Why isn’t this taught more in schools or sports? While I can’t answer that question one this is clear, we need a resource that will educate and provide exercises for a solid foundation. Well, I think I found…

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Alexa St. Martin, LCSW 150 150 cci

Alexa St. Martin, LCSW

Dialogue Skills Initiative Founder- Alexa St. Martin, LCSW (She/Her/Hers) Alexa St. Martin, MSW is an advanced dialogue facilitator with 10 years of experience helping individuals, teams, and communities manage safe, meaningful conversations about difficult topics. She was trained in dialogue facilitation by the World in Conversation Center for PublicDiplomacy in 2013 before continuing to obtain…

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Hannah Liebreich, PhD 150 150 cci

Hannah Liebreich, PhD

We are ecstatic to welcome our newest member! Hannah Liebreich PhD Originally from central Ohio, now residing in South Carolina, Hannah is a scholar-activist whose work focuses on the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other aspects of identity. Hannah takes an applied, intersectional approach to gender-based violence and community dynamics…

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The Team 150 150 cci

The Team

Who we are The team We are the team for Consent Culture Initiative. We are a survivor-led, grass roots group of community creators, project managers and volunteers in the U.S. We see a need to prevent sexual violence from occurring within creative communities and events. As a group of industry professionals with over 50 years…

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Jeremy CCI team member 150 150 cci

Jeremy CCI team member

We are oh so excited to welcome Jeremy, CCI Team member! “Jeremy Friedman is a freelance editor, writer and community organizer with more than a decade of experience helping individuals and organizations tell rich, authentic stories with clarity and purpose. Services include copyediting, content creation, and indexing for all audiences and in a variety of formats, including grantwriting,…

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Consent, Covid, and Dating 1080 1080 brendan

Consent, Covid, and Dating

By: Sloane Ferenchak, #WeLoveConsent Coordinator; Gina McGrath, Consent Culture Initiative Founder/CEO; & Ashley Stafford, Consent Culture Initiative Executive Director Consent Covid Dating If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that life during a pandemic is difficult to navigate! The risks associated with COVID have required us to use communication skills that are specific…

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Self-care 101 150 150 cci

Self-care 101

Self-care 101: Tips, tricks, and feel-goods “Treat yo self!” A phrase you’ve heard thrown around from popular sitcoms, in your social circle, online, and on cheesy store advertisements.With how everyone talks about it, you’d think more people would actually bask in the exciting idea of taking care of yourself. The idea that mind and body…

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A chapter has closed 150 150 cci

A chapter has closed

Letter from Joe Graff Dear friends and community members, As many of you already know quite well, Consent Culture Initiative has been a labor of love for a few of my closest friends and me for several years now. CCI formed to offer the community a new mechanism by which survivors of sexual consent violation…

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Industry Consent Training 150 150 cci

Industry Consent Training

Consent in the “industry” All industries have their “oh well that’s just the way it is” attitude towards a lot of things that happen around the office. This Industry Consent Training is aimed to stop that attitude. With proper consent training your employees will have the knowledge to understand each other and work more efficiently…

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