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Thank you visiting our Consent Blog! This is where we post any news regarding consent, CCI, and beyond. We try to find and publish resources as often as possible and encourage you to send us any resources. you believe will help others. We often need resources for the following:

Affordable housing, Child Care, Health Care, Transportation Services, Active Recovery Resources, Resources for men, & more

As we continue to expand it gets harder and harder to maintain this at the level we feel it deserves and are currently seeking guest bloggers that align with our values and share our vision.  If you have an article that you think aligns with our values, is not based in a carceral mindset please let us know.


AERP and requesting a Match Report 150 150 cci

AERP and requesting a Match Report

** We are no longer offering this service Match Reports are no longer available .-Feb 2021 Match Report Requests AERP Reports are different, Match Reports are free. They need to send required documents before receiving a Match Report. CCI will only send a Match Report to events, communities, and organizations for free.  In order to…

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Consent Forums 150 150 cci

Consent Forums

Consent Forums Consent Forums have been a building block for CCI over the years. We love hosting them! Forums help bring a community together and holds space to discuss issues that need attention. Discussions are led by a CCI member(s) and a member from the community or administration team. We lead the forum and make…

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South Eastern USA 150 150 cci

South Eastern USA

To search through this list hold Command & F to bring up a “finder” tool and enter a word that matches your query.  For example Command & F type in GA for Georgia to pull any resources from that state.  (CTRL & F for windows computers)

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Consent for Universities 150 150 cci

Consent for Universities

Consent Culture for Universities, how to start! Consent for Universities! So you want to start a consent committee at your school but are unsure how to go about it. Or you are a faculty member that wants to be better equip to support your students in Consent Culture for Universities. You are in luck! We…

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Resources in Philadelphia PA 150 150 cci

Resources in Philadelphia PA

Domestic Violence resources (legal included) City of Philadelphia  (counseling and emergency housing included) Domestic Violence and sexual assault resources (Women’s Law Project) PCADV  Healthy minds Philly Sexual assault resources Woar Philly center against sexual violence Temple U PSARC (Sexual assault resource; local police are close by and can be involved if you choose) PA Coalition…

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Starting a consent branch in your organization 150 150 cci

Starting a consent branch in your organization

Theres a lot to consider when starting a consent organization, or consent branch in your organization, in your area. CCI has you covered! We have been consulting other community leaders and organizations for years. Helping them figure out what their goals are and how to achieve them. We help you understand the steps, get focused,…

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Ashley Stafford 150 150 cci

Ashley Stafford

Ashley Stafford has been a teacher and producer of events and festivals for over 12 years. These events include May Flora Fest, various roles in Return to Roots Gathering, FreeForm Arts Festival, Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festivals (pre and post FAI Ownership), as well as minor roles in various other festivals. Being a survivor was not…

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Active Listening Course 150 150 cci

Active Listening Course

What is Active listening? Active listening is a skill that you use when talking with someone. It’s a skill that allows you to help the person come to their own conclusions without influence. When you practice this listening technique you find you repeat what the other person is saying often or use words like

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Consent Awareness Training 150 150 cci

Consent Awareness Training

Consent Awareness is a trained skill, get the building blocks with our C.A.T! This course is offered in person as well as online. Send us an email to schedule or purchase our online course. Consent Awareness Training The Consent Awareness Training is designed to go over the basics of Consent Culture and is more of…

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CCI Festival and Event Packages! 150 150 cci

CCI Festival and Event Packages!

CCI festival and event packages! We offer a wide range of services for festivals and events. We require 6 months notice for any event, a deposit upon booking, as well as provide a contract that needs to be signed prior to work taking place. This ensures that all information remains confidential and protects both CCI…

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