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Creating safe and empowered environments.

We strive to create a standard in consent based education and it shows through our curriculum. Informed by feedback from the communities and peers in the industry, we have launched  over 3 different educational courses and lectures in 2022 alone! Our focus is on events and festivals but our training(s) and courses have been adapted to suit every community need. Send us a message to see how we can help your event, community,  or organization. With over 7+ years of experience doing this work in the national festival industry, we are confident we can help you create an amazing event that is rooted in Consent Culture.


Creating a Consent Committee

Upstander Intervention

Event C.A.T. Training

Industry Consent Training (I.C.T)


Active listening

Creating Consent Culture in Community

Disclosure Response

Consent and the Law

Power Dynamics and Consent 

The Art of No’ing 


We offer consulting services, to see if we are a good fit please send us a message!

consent culture in a festival community