• If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911


We offer individual and bundled consent culture service packages for festivals since 2016. Our services are customized so we deliver relevant, evidence based, and useful experiences to your staff, management, and patrons.


Consent HQ

  • A booth who’s intention is to raise awareness around consent culture at your event through passive education (that’s right, educated booth volunteers), norm change initiatives (posters and merchandise), and community building (scheduled micro-panel(s)!

Trauma Informed Forum Facilitation

  • We believe conversation is the key to growth and are committed to creating a table everyone can sit at and be heard. Forums are  community driven discussions which encourage conversations around consent and other relevant topics in your community. We encourage this practice to build the capacity for difficult conversations in community, a critical element to creating safer spaces.

B.A.E. Initiative

  • A norm change initiative brought to you by relevant messaging onsite! We will bring our pre-existing posters and signage to flyer your town in addition to designing branded and unique to your event images.

Consent Cafe

  • Consent has been compared to a cup of tea in the past, and while we can agree in some areas, we see the need for nuance! That’s why we’re offering a place to grab a cuppa’ coffee AND practice consent! This includes coffee and espresso for sale, consent merchandise, scheduled micro-panels, and passive education.

Consent Policy Development

  • Every community is unique and their consent policy should be to! We work to create trauma informed, evidence based, legally enforceable policies from entry to exit for your event and community space. The policies we create are specific to the needs of your community while being broad enough to encourage forward social-ethical movement.

Pillar Programming

  • Established and in operation since 2018, Pillar programming is a peer personnel training program, equipping peers with the knowledge to support individuals who have experienced identity or gendered violence onsite at your event. They are roaming personnel who work to establish a visible network of people who are able to support patrons in their time of need. This program operates with Security and Medical teams at events or in addition to our Sexual Violence Response Team.

SV Response Team

  • A collection of trained and practiced crisis response professionals committed to providing the appropriate space and support for survivors of gendered and identity violence at festivals and in communities. Staffed by peers and allied professionals providing a trauma informed, survivor-centered, and ND safe space for individuals struggling emotionally due to PTSD, or acute trauma which occurred on-site. This team works in collaboration with medical and security professionals, and has been in operation since 2018.