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Starting a consent branch in your organization

Starting a consent branch in your organization

Starting a consent branch in your organization 150 150 cci

Theres a lot to consider when starting a consent organization, or consent branch in your organization, in your area.

CCI has you covered! We have been consulting other community leaders and organizations for years. Helping them figure out what their goals are and how to achieve them. We help you understand the steps, get focused, and consult with your team so everyone feels prepared and confident building Consent Culture in your area.

Communities are built with people sharing similar values, your Consent Organization should too.

What resources do you have available in your area? What can you realistically do as an organization?

Things like this can get stressful as there is so much to consider.

CCI offers courses and other services covering a lot of ground. Most organizations need a committee or branch that creates safe spaces for their employee’s, attendee’s, community members, and customers. This is where we come in, we help you define your goal while bringing out resources you can use to make it all happen.

This package is $700. Includes our guideline, a policy written for your organization, and initial consultation. Customizing the guideline for your organization, ass well as 90 minutes that can be broken up into 30 min one on one sessions a year from purchase date.

We go over a lot of details however sometimes we recommend taking other courses for a better understanding. Having a solid understanding of consent is important when creating a Consent Committee.  Things that are not covered are bystander training, pillar training, or consent Toolkit. We do however provide access to our active listening training to equip you and your staff. The guideline is applied to your specific needs and CCI offers our expertise to help you figure out how everything is going to function. The reporting system is available for an annual donation in which we give you quarterly reports as well as up to date reports for your specific area. Your organization can contact us throughout the year with questions to ensure you aren’t hiring anyone we have a report against. Our hope is we can all work together to provide information to each other and build a safer world.

For details please send us an email at ConsentCultureInitiative@gmail.com