Maddie Consent Culture Initiative Bio


Maddie Boom Boom is a Maryland-based artist who has been manipulating props and bouncing around performing since 2014. She strives to inspire everyone to play more and find ways to tell story through movement. Her primary tools of choice are contact staff, triads and fans, but she will never turn down an opportunity to play with a something new! She believes that authentic self-expression and connection helps the world grow and heal.

In her daily life Maddie is a licensed clinical therapist (LCSW-C) and Reiki practitioner, and strives to promote consent culture in every area of her life. One of her callings is to support spaces where people feel safe to be themselves, express love, and can heal. Humanity thrives when we look at people as people, instead of as objects. When we respect ourselves and others through honoring boundaries, opening communication, and acting with integrity we are blooming. It fuels Maddie to see people talking about consent, holding themselves and others accountable, and learning how to shift the culture to one that values body autonomy and respect. She believes that consent culture will help us on our path of healing as a collective, and will allow more love to enter everyone’s lives. This is what she wants for herself and the world.

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