Consent Awareness Training

Consent Awareness is a trained skill, get the building blocks with our C.A.T!

This course is offered in person as well as online. Send us an email to schedule or purchase our online course.

Consent Awareness Training

The Consent Awareness Training is designed to go over the basics of Consent Culture and is more of an educational tool. We have courses that are designed for other aspects but you will receive a basic understanding of these here. 

Having a common understanding of consent terms is important to have the conversations necessary to grow a community. Consent affects all aspects of life and is not just a sexual conversation. Understanding consent in every day context as well as how it permeates throughout society will help build strong communities centered around effective communication.

In this course we go over terminology, statistics, rape myths, as well as non sexual consent. We go over power dynamics within work and community and how they can be violations of consent.  The consent awareness training is meant to be a foundation to our other courses that go into more detail depending on the aspect of consent you are focused on.  Throughout this course we will have interactive writing prompts and survey’s that help us gather more data and use it to update courses accordingly.

How to use this course

The Consent Awareness Training is great for professionals in Human Resources departments, leaders of organizations, event producers that provide safe spaces, and  businesses , Universities, and social services. This course gives you the foundation to think critically, make decisions, and create consent culture atmosphere.

Designed to be a part of our certification program this course runs about 3-5 hours total check out our full list of courses here.

We are still developing new courses so be sure to ask about a course if you don’t see it on our services page!


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