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Forums have been a building block for CCI over the years. We love hosting them! Forums help bring a community together and holds space to discuss issues that need attention. Discussions are led by a CCI member(s) and a member from the community or administration team. We lead the forum and make sure to stay on topic while hearing thoughts and concerns from attendees and community members. Our topics are tailored to the community or organization we are hosting but some favorites include:

  • Consent through Covid
  • How can we integrate consent culture into communities it is not already accepted in?
  • How can we show up during times of conflict and what have you seen or done that has worked?
  • What do you do/do your peers do to initiate a discussion about consent in your community?
  • How can we be more inclusive to people of color in the community?

Consent Forums


Holding space so a community or organization can come together to tackle issues is invaluable and one of CCI’s favorite things to host. Please send us a message if you would like to have us host a forum at your event or organization. Currently offering virtual forums through Zoom!