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Industry Consent Training

Industry Consent Training

Industry Consent Training 150 150 CCI

Consent in the “industry”

All industries have their “oh well that’s just the way it is” attitude towards a lot of things that happen around the office. This Industry Consent Training is aimed to stop that attitude. With proper consent training your employees will have the knowledge to understand each other and work more efficiently in a safe environment.

This training goes over the building blocks of consent for the staff as well as management. Putting effective policies into place to protect all parties including the business, when followed properly.

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This training is usually paired with our Consent and Sexual Harassment Policy but we can also modify the one in use if you have one.  Industry Consent is different across the board but the building blocks remain the same. Our Consent Awareness Training is a great starting point but the I.C.T brings those differences and allows the staff to explore what that is and how it affects their co-workers. If your employees are made to feel safe at work knowing there is a standard held, it will help your business tenfold. Loyal employees are hard to find because of mismanagement. People do not quit jobs, they quit people. Their boss, coworker, or even that customer that comes in just to harass them. Build trust within your company and learn how to be an effective leader for your business.

If you are unsure if this is right for your business or you would like to learn more please send us an email at consentcultureinitiative@gmail.com