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Joe Graff Update

Joe Graff Update 150 150 cci

Update on Joe Graff   It has been quite some time since we contributed to our digital presence for many reasons, but this instance is one in which our action is…

Maddie 150 150 cci


   Maddie Boom Boom is a Maryland-based artist who has been manipulating props and bouncing around performing since 2014. She strives to inspire everyone to play more and find ways to tell story through movement. Her primary tools of choice are contact staff, triads and fans, but she will never turn down an opportunity to…

Gina McGrath 150 150 cci

Gina McGrath

Gina McGrath is an Asheville based artist, originally from Ohio, who has been practicing object manipulation since 2010 when she was initially intrigued by the possibility of deeper human connections with family. It started with the hoop, as many stories do, then rapidly moved on to poi and into static props as well as fans,…