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Alexa St. Martin, LCSW

Alexa St. Martin, LCSW 150 150 cci

Dialogue Skills Initiative Founder- Alexa St. Martin, LCSW (She/Her/Hers) Alexa St. Martin, MSW is an advanced dialogue facilitator with 10 years of experience helping individuals, teams, and communities manage safe,…

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Hannah Liebreich, PhD

Hannah Liebreich, PhD 150 150 cci

We are ecstatic to welcome our newest member! Hannah Liebreich PhD Originally from central Ohio, now residing in South Carolina, Hannah is a scholar-activist whose work focuses on the intersections…

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The Team

The Team 150 150 cci

Who we are The team We are the team for Consent Culture Initiative. We are a survivor-led, grass roots group of community creators, project managers and volunteers in the U.S.…

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Jeremy CCI team member

Jeremy CCI team member 150 150 cci

We are oh so excited to welcome Jeremy, CCI Team member! “Jeremy Friedman is a freelance editor, writer and community organizer with more than a decade of experience helping individuals…

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Ashley Stafford

Ashley Stafford 150 150 cci

Ashley Stafford has been a teacher and producer of events and festivals for over 12 years. These events include May Flora Fest, various roles in Return to Roots Gathering, FreeForm…

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Maddie 150 150 cci

   Maddie Boom Boom is a Maryland-based artist who has been manipulating props and bouncing around performing since 2014. She strives to inspire everyone to play more and find ways…

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Gina McGrath

Gina McGrath 150 150 cci

Gina McGrath is an Asheville based artist, originally from Ohio, who has been practicing object manipulation since 2010 when she was initially intrigued by the possibility of deeper human connections…

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