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Consent library for mental health, articles, blogs, and more!

This is a Consent Library- a collection of blogs, articles, vines, opinions pieces, videos, community activism inspiration, etc. for a person in ANY phase or position in the conversation around consent. This is a living resource, and we are ALWAYS open to suggestions for additions and omissions to this library. If you know of a good read or resource, send us an email ( )!

Because information is typically passed on by word of mouth we are always open to suggested resources. If you have any resources please send them to us via email!

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This collection is a database of crisis centers, crisis counselors, national, state, and county resources and various other resources which may be of use to a person in a consent culture.
We hope this database assists you in the process of getting one step closer to healing
organizations and programs.

with relevance subsections: crisis centers, national organizations, law reform, free mental health programs


Victim Connect Resource Center

NSVRC- National sexual violence resource center

Administration for Children and Families

By City & State