Digital Consent Services

We offer a variety of Digital Consent Services

The world has changed to majoritively online. We can’t gather but still find ways to be connected. Below are a few ways that you can add consent content to your next digital event.

Digital Consent Services


We LOVE doing Forums! CCI founder, Gina, was General Manager of a performing arts event when she had the idea of gathering her peers. This gathering was different because it involved active conversation regarding issues in their community with a solution oriented focus.

It’s an empowering thing, watching a community come together to talk about issues they want to change. Giving perspectives they may not have otherwise had the chance to.


Taking our online courses is a great way to build your resume with confidence that you can handle tough situations making you an asset to any company. Great for Human Resource Departments, Event Producers, Restaurant management, and anyone that wants to equip themselves with knowledge.

We are working to create online courses for every one of our in person courses. We currently offer

  • Consent Awareness Training – The building block you need to understand consent while setting you up to continue your education around it.
  • Industry Consent Training (I.C.T)– Built for YOUR industry. This versatile training has the details needed for your particular industry. The training is meant for Staff as well as management. Message us to learn more about how we can help!


We want to hear from you! What Digital Consent Services do you want to see on here? We are always working on new courses send us a message to see if the one you need is on our list!