About us & our mission

Consent Culture Initiative’s goal is to cultivate a restorative & solution-oriented culture of respect and accountability through consent culture creation.

Community Healing, Collective Integrity

Who we are

We are a survivor lead, grass roots group of passionate community creators and volunteers along the U.S. east coast who saw a need and met it. As a group of professionals in varying fields with a passion for community creation, preventative education, and transformed communities through restorative justice and respectful communication, our work was cut out for us . We believe the world as it is has a broken system for discussing and identifying sexual consent, and we hope to change the world one community at a time through spreading consent awareness and prevention education.

Our Guidelines

What we do:

  • Provide support and recommendations, and facilitate community responses, when complaints, concerns, and questions are raised surrounding consent.
  • Provide education and courses to empower participants to communicate respectfully on an individual level about consent and other challenging interpersonal issues.
  • Provide training to prepare organizations and companies with the tools they need to create and maintain accountability in safe working environments.
  • Establish and maintain a network of Pillars, trusted and trained community members that can serve to decentralize and strengthen existing community support structures
  • Facilitate open discussion spaces for community members to express their thoughts and feelings about consent culture.
  • Maintain a safe and confidential line of communication that allows survivors of consent violation incidents to disclose their experiences, offering these individuals the chance to be heard and recognized, and providing secure channels to leadership figures when the safety of the community at large is potentially threatened.
  • Curate our partnerships with the community organizations that work with us in order to maintain shared ethics and values.

What we DON’T do:

  • Knowingly accept, enable, or participate in the ongoing marginalization of survivors of consent violations.
  • Knowingly pass responsibility for facilitating an accountability process to a community that is unprepared to accept it, when our own capacity to do so has not been exhausted.
  • Expect or request community groups to replace or circumvent existing legal structures.
    Interfere with other solution-oriented community processes or reject feedback from their representatives.
  • Give orders or ultimatums to event managers and producers regarding the decisions they make in reaction to reported violation incidents, or assume that these leaders will be in perfect agreement with one another about these decisions.
  • Give orders or ultimatums to survivors of consent violations regarding their own decisions and how they relate to the decisions made by leadership.
  • Attempt to assume a position of infallible authority on any topic.


Why should you include us?

We are an emerging practice, with plans in place to evaluate our courses. We do this in order to provide the best evidence based courses around Consent Culture. With this in mind we aim to create courses to help your community and organization create consent culture in the society you are a part of.

Creating a culture of consent in your business or at your event creates a positive and safer environment for building connections and empowering every individual present.

In many group situations, individuals who are part of a minority, or experience less Privilege, may feel unsafe or undervalued. Sometimes this can lead to imbalanced dynamics in a group, and individuals might feel coerced to do something they might not have. This sort of circumstance can play out in every context of relationship, our hope is that through creating a consent culture we will prevent experiences as such.

By offering training in Consent Culture Creation and trauma informed de-escalation techniques to your staff, you can help to create a space where these kinds of situations are avoided, and conflict can be resolved more easily. We are also prepared to provide infrastructure for you, should your staff be disinterested in intervening



Gina- Co-owner, President, Community Outreach

Ashley Stafford

Ashley- Co-owner, Executive Director, Curriculum R&D 

Maddie- Board member, LCSW