reporting a consent violation

Reporting consent violations

Welcome to our form on reporting consent violations! We take and store information to help communities all over the United States. Storing this information securely and creating debriefs we give minimal, non-identifying, Match Reports to events and organizations that meet our requirements. These events and organizations give us a list of their staff, anyone in positions of power, and we see if there are any matches. This service is free to any event or company that asks. We can only give information we have and encourage people to submit reports so we can more effective. We do not take action with reports unless the survivor gives us consent to do so. At times a person just wants to submit and have no actions taken. Taking this seriously we do not press further but do give resources to help heal and get support.

We do offer AERP membership for a donation. These donations help keep Match Reports free to events and organizations. We appreciate any help, if you would like to donate your talents please visit our C.A.Ts page, fill out the form and join the Consent Action Team!

Lets create a better world together through Consent Culture

We are currently in the process of reviewing and changing how we process, store, and reply to reports. This service is not available at this time. We are currently seeking 2 or more individuals that are qualified and able to take on this responsibility.