Consent Culture Initiative

Consent Culture Initiative:

Our mission is to cultivate a restorative & solution-oriented culture of respect and accountability through empowering communities to heal. 

consent culture

Consent Culture

We define Consent as an informed, freely given, active, reversible, and specific. Yes!
Why you need consent courses and forums

A new culture surrounding consent is emerging in the 21st century. With the emergence of social media, there has been an explosion of public discourse surrounding issues of sexual misconduct and models for accountability. Communities of all kinds are facing a pressing need to provide their members with braver and safer spaces in which these questions can be discussed and addressed. We are an organization dedicated to this work and to the multifaceted strategies that must be employed to facilitate it. We have consistently taken suggestions and implemented them in order to provide the communities we serve with what they need. 

Consent Culture Initiative believes a world where Consent forms the basic foundation of every interaction is necessary and that such a world is possible. We believe we can  provide more healing, autonomy, integrity and respect for people of every gender, race, orientation, age, and socio-economic status through a transformative lens in the work we are honored to execute.

We are your ally in making sure the space you create is safer than before you created it.

We are offering Virtual Courses and Forums!

Our report form can be found here.  If you are interested in our AERP (Administrator Employee Risk Projection) membership send us a message!