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The Team

The Team 150 150 cci

Who we are The team We are the team for Consent Culture Initiative. We are a survivor-led, grass roots group of community creators, project managers and volunteers in the U.S.…

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Jeremy CCI team member

Jeremy CCI team member 150 150 cci

We are oh so excited to welcome Jeremy, CCI Team member! “Jeremy Friedman is a freelance editor, writer and community organizer with more than a decade of experience helping individuals…

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Industry Consent Training

Industry Consent Training 150 150 cci

Consent in the “industry” All industries have their “oh well that’s just the way it is” attitude towards a lot of things that happen around the office. This Industry Consent…

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Consent Forums

Consent Forums 150 150 cci

Consent Forums Consent Forums have been a building block for CCI over the years. We love hosting them! Forums help bring a community together and holds space to discuss issues…

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South Eastern USA

South Eastern USA 150 150 cci

To search through this list hold Command & F to bring up a “finder” tool and enter a word that matches your query.  For example Command & F type in…

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Consent for Universities

Consent for Universities 150 150 cci

Consent Culture for Universities, how to start! Consent for Universities! So you want to start a consent committee at your school but are unsure how to go about it. Or…

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Starting a consent branch in your organization

Starting a consent branch in your organization 150 150 cci

Theres a lot to consider when starting a consent organization, or consent branch in your organization, in your area. CCI has you covered! We have been consulting other community leaders…

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Ashley Stafford

Ashley Stafford 150 150 cci

Ashley Stafford has been a teacher and producer of events and festivals for over 12 years. These events include May Flora Fest, various roles in Return to Roots Gathering, FreeForm…

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