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Self-care 101

Self-care 101

Self-care 101 150 150 cci

Self-care 101: Tips, tricks, and feel-goods

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“Treat yo self!”

A phrase you’ve heard thrown around from popular sitcoms, in your social circle, online, and on cheesy store advertisements.With how everyone talks about it, you’d think more people would actually bask in the exciting idea of taking care of yourself. The idea that mind and body are important for overall health. Unfortunately, the idea of self care is seen as selfish for some and confusing for others. In this deep dive, we’re going to unwrap some of these inhibitions and also provide some much needed tips for self-care during these trying times. 

From HealthLine.com, “Self-care is about forming habits, not simply “improving” or “treating” yourself.” Many believe that self-care is for people with enough time, or the idea that you have to deserve it. Self-care is about taking care of you; wholly and that means allowing yourself to find the happy in now and in you. It doesn’t have to go based on the idea that you have to fix yourself, that would mean there is something broken within you; be it a mental notion or physical aspect. It also doesn’t have to be a separate activity, you don’t have to feel like you aren’t doing enough to make the time for it when you’re incorporating it into your life. Remember the quote from the beginning? Self-care is about forming habits. Habits are learned behaviors that you consciously or unconsciously do over time that become the norm for you. 

So it’s ok if it takes you time, it’s ok, if your self-care is different from others. Caring for your body and mind is something that ultimately allows you to figure out the best way to care for yourself. And the thing with both, is that they can always change. 

Here are some tips that might help you get into a self-care mindset. Again, these are suggestions compiled from multiple sources, try a few and see if it’s a habit you’re willing to develop!


This can include working out, taking a walk, yoga, or simply stepping outside and breathing in for a few minutes. That also includes drinking water, eating to fuel your body and resting! It’s hard sometimes to remind ourselves of some basic human needs, but in the process of self care, do routines that will help you remember. 


We all know reducing stress and anxiety is important for not only our bodies, but our mental health. We live such fast paced lives, there is always something next that we have to do. That means your mind is running a mile a minute and it feels like it won’t slow down! Take a moment to yourself, find something that is mentally stimulating for you. If that means turning off the lights and sitting with your eyes closed in a locked room for an hour, counting your breaths, then do it. Make that time to have a mental reprieve. 

Social Self Care

As an introvert, I understand this is something I struggle with constantly. Saying no and meaning it. Set boundaries to when you have enough energy to be engaged while hanging out with your social circle is an important part of self-care. We’re use to saying yes in everything, it’s not wrong to say no, especially when you are setting a boundary. With doing so, it allows you to formally provide that boundary to others as well as to yourself. If you’re like me where my social battery runs out, it’s ok, to let your friend know. Don’t use passive language when setting that boundary. 

Spiritual Self Care

Pause and reflect. Mindfulness in identifying what is meaningful to you in your life, focus on the on-material aspects and being present in the moment. Some say meditation or prayer comes in strongly for this self care part. 

Fill your cup, as you are unable to fill others when you are empty. Take time for yourself because taking care of you allows you to be you. Take a moment to comment on some of your own self care tips you’ve learned or have practiced!

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